Anthony Gray Clock Repair and Restoration

R D Spade - Clock Hand

When ordering please specify the associated name of the hand you require, together with the size, from the centre of the boss to the tip of the hand.

All hands will be supplied with a 2mm hole in the boss and this includes hands which currently show a square rather than a hole on the diagram.

Hands will be supplied in 1.25mm thickness gauge plate unless otherwise requested. Fettling and colouring is down to you as most people prefer to do this themselves.

How to Order

All hands are priced at £120.00 each which includes VAT and postage within the UK. Seconds and date hands are £60.00 each including VAT and postage within the UK.

For overseas orders, postage will be at cost. Please contact us for details.

To order contact us on
Tel: 07860 378122