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Clock Restoration and Repair Services

We specialise in the restoration, conservation and repair of antique clocks of every kind, particularly longcase and bracket clocks.

All of our work is carried out sympathetically utilising a mixture of traditional hand skills and 21st, century technology where appropriate. The aim is always to keep the clock both looking and functioning as the original maker intended.

Having restored many thousands of clocks over the years we have the knowledge and skill required to make any missing parts in the style of the original.

Our Experience

Between us we have over 80 years of experience in the restoration of fine clocks and have been privileged to have been entrusted with some of the country’s finest clocks by important makers such as Tompion, Knibb, Graham, East and Fromanteel to name just a few. Whatever your clock, you can always be sure that it will be worked on sympathetically and with the greatest of care.

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Please telephone 07860 378122 or email if we can help with any type of clock repair, or the complete restoration or conservation of a much loved heirloom.

We’ll be happy to arrange an estimate or quote and talk to you about what needs to be done.

Specialists in the repair and restoration of Fine antique clocks and barometers

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Dial Restoration

We offer a complete service for every aspect of the restoration work required for brass dials, painted dials and porcelain dials on antique clocks.  This extends from the complete re-painting of a painted longcase dial to the sympathetic conservation of existing work, with minimal intervention.

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How to set up a Longcase (Grandfather) clock

Case Restoration

We have extensive museum quality restoration expertise, a stock of wood and veneers dating back over 300 years, and specialise in the complete restoration of longcase and bracket clock cases. We guarantee that our careful and sympathetic work, using traditional cabinet making skills, will not disappoint you.

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Barometers & Barographs

We offer a complete repair and restoration service for all mechanical and mercury barometers and barographs. This includes the one off manufacture of any required parts including tubes, scales and thermometers etc, in the original style.

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Hand Engraving

A professional hand engraving service of the very highest quality for clock dials, back plates, aprons etc. We also offer hand engraving on steel with 18k gold inlay if required. Contact us for further information and let us know what you need.

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Clock Repairs and Restoration Kent and London

Gilding, Metalwork & Brass Dial Restoration

We offer a traditional gilding service together with the ability to restore the variety of metal work encountered in clock cases.

Additionally we are fully skilled in the manufacture of castings of every type.

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As qualified members of the British Horological Institute and members of the British Watch & Clockmakers’ Guild the major insurance companies accept our valuations of clocks and watches for insurance purposes.

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